Chairman Badie Reiterates: Muslim Brotherhood Stands Firm Against Violence
Chairman Badie Reiterates: Muslim Brotherhood Stands Firm Against Violence
Tuesday, May 20,2014 04:38

In court Monday, Dr. Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, said the real terrorists are those who killed worshipers and burned the wounded to death, in reference to the massacres committed by the military regime against peaceful protesters before and during the violent breakup of Rabaa Square sit-in by coup forces in August 2013."The Muslim Brotherhood has never resorted to violence or terrorism, and never will. It will continue to demand freedom for the Egyptian people."

Dr. Badie's speech was part of his defense argument in the "blocking of Qalyub highway" (north of Cairo) lawsuit, in which 47 other defendants stand trial.

According to private TV channels, Dr. Badie added: "The Muslim Brotherhood was established 85 years ago. Unbiased observers will affirm that we never used violence in our entire history. Nor did we ever take a stance for which anyone accused us of terrorism.

"The real terrorists are those who killed the worshipers as they went down in prayer, who burned the wounded to death, who use hired thugs... We never retaliated against anybody for any attack on us. We will continue to call to the way of God with wisdom and good counsel."

Dr. Badie called on Egyptian judiciary to keep away from political conflict, saying: "You should be far above all this political conflict.

"We are advocates, not judges… we do not judge people. We will continue to denounce and reject violence in all its forms."

In addition to Dr. Badie, a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders are being tried in this case, including Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)'s Executive Bureau; Dr. Bassem Ouda, Minister of Supply in President Morsi's government; Dr. Ahmed Diab, member of the FJP's National Committee; and preacher Dr. Safwat Hegazy.

Similar videos of the court hearing showed Dr. Mohamed Beltagy accusing the regime and its security apparatus of "vengefulness and personal political rivalry", adding that it is absurd to suddenly paint him into a mafia leader after his long and peaceful political and scientific career.