Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls for Continued Peaceful Protests
Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls for Continued Peaceful Protests
Sunday, April 13,2014 00:11

 To all the loyal revolutionary Egyptian people...

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance appreciates and praises your peaceful persistence. You have frustrated the European envoy's latest visit in support of the traitorous coup. Your peaceful millions have hit hard against the illegitimate coup, the murderous military junta and their regional and Western anti-democratic supporters.

You have once again loudly and clearly expressed the free will of the people, exposing the poor and disgraceful play-acting for the presidency over the dead bodies of innocent citizens, in spite of the terror dealt by the military junta, the blood of Egyptians they spilled so callously, and their insistence on even more arbitrary detention of thousands of revolutionaries.

While the junta repress and persecute us, they give free rein to foreign powers, even Egypt's enemies, to run this homeland's affairs. However, you have shown all the world that free peoples make their own future.

The National Alliance expresses mounting concern for the life of President Mohamed Morsi, after forced disappearance and the insistence of coup authorities to deny him his rights and to withhold information from the people.

The Alliance warns the putschist thieves that their continuing blindness and delusions will hasten their fateful and inevitable end. Further, the Alliance says it clearly, as confirmed to all intermediaries: "The legitimate President Morsi is the key to solving the current crisis. All the farcical maneuvers to legalize his abduction will not work".

So, continue your revolt against the thieves of power, the Revolution and the homeland's resources in all towns and streets across Egypt, until the complete and final ouster of the ruinous regime of poverty and starvation.

Let Monday be a great day of revolt in solidarity with the detainees and martyrs, especially with the strike declared by the detainees in Wadi Natrun prison, and to commemorate the Rabaa and Nahda massacres. Focus your rallies outside the homes of martyrs and detainees. Prepare yourselves well, because the future requires a great deal of courage and resolve.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: April 11, 2014