Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Junta's Second Terror Declaration Against Group
Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Junta's Second Terror Declaration Against Group
Sunday, April 13,2014 02:52

 For the second time in as many months, the coup regime's prime minister officially declares the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group. This shows that the putschists know very well their lies against the group, against reality on the ground, have no effect. However, they repeat their lies in the hope people would eventually believe them.

This repeated declaration against the Brotherhood also shows the putschists' determination to find cover for their own unspeakable terror against peaceful protesters rejecting the murderous coup – traitorous terror repeated in the killing of thousands of innocent people in the worst massacres in Egypt's history, the arbitrary arrest of more than twenty thousand patriotic Egyptian men, women and even children, and the torture and the violation of the sanctities of many of them.

Worse still, military coup terror makes the judiciary hand down unjust verdicts and harsh sentences against all opponents of the coup, including mass sentencing of 529 people to death allegedly for killing one police officer in a comic two-day trial, although the murdered officer's wife confirmed that the killer is not among the 529 so-sentenced.

Even more, junta terror is dealt through illegitimate legislation and administrative decisions by an illegitimate regime – such as the law banning demonstrations, the ludicrous law on terrorism, and the ruling to allow police forces to operate on university campuses.

The Muslim Brotherhood affirms, as it has thousands of times already, that it stands fully against violence and terrorism, whatever its source. It peacefully fights for truth, justice and freedom. It is fully committed to democracy and the rule of the people. It respects the will of the people, and has been founded to serve the people in all areas and all aspects of life.

This is why the people voted for the Muslim Brotherhood in all free and fair elections, from student unions to the presidency, through professional and trade unions and clubs, and both chambers of Parliament. It would be insulting to suggest that all the people of Egypt elect terrorists.

The Muslim Brotherhood's mission is based on moderate Islam, which criminalizes the taking of human life, refuses coercion – including in matters of religion, urges use of wisdom and kind preaching in advocating Islamic principles, urges doing good for all people, and calls for all to commit to high morals, the dissemination of compassion and peace among the people, and non-violent resistance to corruption and abuse of humans and public property and funds.

It is clear that the coup leaders, with this recent declaration, want to terrorize the Muslim Brotherhood, along with the Egyptian people opposed to their illegitimate coup so they would succumb to their usurped authority and let them grab more power and wealth and wreak havoc across Egypt.

They should realize that the people of Egypt, particularly the new generation, will not be intimidated by these unjust rulings or murderous massacres, because the people have seen what happened in Egypt as a result of military rule over sixty years, and are not likely to let their homeland drown completely under more murderous military rule.

Moreover, the people of Egypt will not give up their freedom, dignity and sovereignty. They will not live slaves to anyone anymore. They will live free, sovereign and dignified in their homeland, just the way they were born, whatever the price, whatever the sacrifices.

Indeed… "God has full control of all affairs, but most people do not know."  The unjust oppressors will soon see what destiny they will ultimately meet.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: April 11, 2014