Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Huge Peaceful Protests Sunday, March 30th
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Huge Peaceful Protests Sunday, March 30th
Saturday, March 29,2014 18:22

To all the loyal revolutionary Egyptian people...

Your strong message has reached all the world. Your thundering millions protesting in every city across Egypt have affirmed that the revolutionary people of this homeland have instantly rejected Al-Sisi's farcical presidential bid, and proclaimed with vigor and determination that the Revolution is gearing up to defeat the coup and restore the January 25, 2011 Revolution and all its democratic gains, and to declare real national independence.

You will prevail despite the terror and repression dealt by murderous coup authorities that shed yet more innocent civilian blood, including Egyptian newspaper Al-Dostour journalist Mayada Ashraf who was targeted by the putschists' live bullets as she did her duty covering peaceful protests. The heinous junta also repeated the treacherous crime of attacking people praying at mosques.

This is how the mass murderer begins his so-called presidential campaign, with more blood and crimes against humanity, against religion. This, in fact, will be the beginning of a new phase of unified national revolutionary action.

In the life of nations, there come pivotal points, decisive moments – let us together make this moment a turning point. Egypt is not and will not be a banana republic, in which a defense minister becomes president and appoints his brother-in-law commander of the armed forces. Egypt's military will not become anyone's private army, nor a political party, to serve a traitor whose hands are stained with the blood of thousands of innocent Egyptians.

So, push forward peacefully, and escalate your revolt in all villages and hamlets, towns and cities, universities and squares, and combine all revolutionary efforts, with no pre-conditions. Egypt's army must go back to its real sacred duty, to serve its country and its people.

Continue your Revolution and defiance with peaceful, creative resistance. The second wave of your revolt is going from strength to strength, achieving more success day after day, and is close to achieving its goals of decisive action and ultimate triumph.

Give the end of the second wave as powerful a conclusion as the wave itself has been, with all non-violent protest activities, on Sunday, March 30 – which happens to be (Palestine) Land Day. Haters of Egypt will not rule over us, no matter what plots they dream up and what webs of deceit and deluded visions they weave. Be prepared for what is coming. We should seek no rest or respite until our dear homeland is free again.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: March 28, 2014