Muslim Brotherhood: In Eighth Month of Daily Revolt, Egyptians Determined to Wrest Rights
Muslim Brotherhood: In Eighth Month of Daily Revolt, Egyptians Determined to Wrest Rights
Sunday, February 9,2014 06:17

 The Muslim Brotherhood appreciates and praises the dedication and determination of the millions who demonstrated peacefully in all cities and villages across Egypt for their heroic response to the homeland's call, made by the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, under the slogan "People Complete Their Revolution".

The people's daily revolt, since the coup, is now in its eighth month. These daily demonstrations, without interruption since the junta's power-grab, is a clear sign of the people's strong resolve to fully reclaim their rights from the repressive putschists, no matter what it costs them.

We remind loyal revolutionary heroes that runners at the racetrack increase their speed and unleash their energy as they approach the finish line. The end of the coup is approaching fast, God willing. This requires more effort, more mobilization, fortitude and sacrifice, to accelerate the putschists' downfall. All signs show they are slipping, sliding and finally failing.

On the political side, rigging the referendum has not lent the coup any degree of legitimacy, since the Egyptian people boycotted the vote. Moreover, Egyptians abroad have rejected the coup. Meanwhile, most countries around the world refuse to recognize this military coup.

Further, in the African Peace and Security Summit in Ethiopia, January 29, the African Union barred coup regime participation. Also, the coup government has not been invited to the Conference of America and countries of Africa in August 2014. Furthermore, former Foreign Minister Mohamed El-Orabi affirmed that Egypt's international position is harder and more difficult now than it was after the 1967 defeat. The head of the European Parliament stressed that the coup regime needs to stop the violence and respect freedoms. All these signs, and many others, show the extent of the putschists' political isolation at home and abroad.

On the economic side, national debt has reached 100% of GDP, according to Minister of Trade and Industry Mounir Fakhri Abdel-Nour. The coup regime has printed 22 billion Egyptian Pounds (approx. US$3.2 billion), without any new value backup, which is bound to spark a price hike in Egyptian shops. The poor will suffer the results, as Forbes magazine affirms. The total external debt has hit $52 billion, while internal debt has exceeded 1,500 billion Egyptian Pounds (approx.
US$215.5 billion), which means that the economy is collapsing.

All this forced the coup commanders and collaborators to untypically intensify efforts for 'peace' initiatives, these days. Now, they feel that what they did has caused an economic disaster that threatens to starve a large number of Egyptians.

With regard to pro-military judiciary, we strongly condemn the use of Egypt's judicial system to suppress peaceful demonstrators, especially women, girls and children. It is certainly a total disgrace to jail a 14-year old girl with criminals for one year and hit her with a hefty fine of 20,000 Egyptian Pounds, just for joining a human chain protesting the coup. It is a shame that girls (university students) and women are referred to the Criminal Court in Mansoura because they participated in peaceful protests expressing their opinions.

Finally, to all those who support this criminal coup, we say: the coup will fall fast. And after the dust settles, the people will remain. It is in your best interest to side with the people, or at least stop supporting the coup, so you do not earn the people's hatred and deserve their subsequent rage.

God is Great.

Praise be to God.

Long live Egypt – proud and free.

The Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo: February 8, 2014