Freedom and Justice Party Hails AU Refusal to Reinstate Egypt's Membership Under Coup
Freedom and Justice Party Hails AU Refusal to Reinstate Egypt's Membership Under Coup
Sunday, February 2,2014 21:55

Africa no longer recognizes authority of the tank

The repressive coup regime receives one humiliating blow after another. The latest of those was from the African Union (AU), which refused to change its decision considering the power-grab in Egypt after June 30 a full-fledged coup. Even worse, the AU said it refused the putschists' request to reinstate Egypt's membership because Article 153 of Egypt's 2012 Constitution, on procedures regarding vacancy of the President's post and how his successor should be appointed, makes the current regime illegitimate. This was even more humiliating to the coup commanders and collaborators.

This is a clear message from the AU, not only that it condemns the coup, but also rejects all the consequent proceedings as null and void, including the sham referendum and the illegitimate constitution, as well as the rest of the so-called "road map of the future".

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) salutes the great men of Africa, representatives of 53 countries, for their commitment to their principles despite Western pressure and attempts to bribe them with Gulf money. Certain foreign powers sought to secure a kind of international legitimacy for the coup regime in Egypt, but the AU declared a firm stance toward the heinous plague of military coups that destroyed the chances of progress and development in the most promising continent.

Hence, the coup regime found itself in a new dilemma, a complex crisis facing its Foreign Ministry, that further isolates the illegitimate regime, because this decision has political and economic implications that will impact the national interests of the country. Undoubtedly, this situation has already caused a lot of sadness for Egyptian citizens, as they found their country's seat in the AU vacant for the first time in 50 years, at the African Peace and Security Summit in Ethiopia Wednesday, January 29.

If the putschists do not realize the dangers of the continuation of their coup to Egypt's future as well as regional and international relations, the situation is quite likely to escalate. The regime will not find any international financial institutions to provide needed loans; its representatives will not be allowed to attend or participate in international forums of any kind. This will certainly dwarf Egypt's role and status as never before in its history – all for the sake of a pipe dream of some reckless adventurers who seek personal glory, even on the ruins of the homeland.

God save Egypt from all evil...

A tribute to the great men of Africa… the real men of principles.

Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo: February 1, 2014