Freedom and Justice Newspaper Criticizes Forced Closure
Freedom and Justice Newspaper Criticizes Forced Closure
Sunday, January 12,2014 17:59

The Freedom and Justice Newspaper (FJN)'s journalists urged the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate (EJS) to intervene immediately to resume printing of the newspaper.

The FJN was shuttered more than two weeks ago for no legal reason, thus stopping the only source of income for more than 200 journalists and technicians. The FJN's journalists called on the syndicate board to do their part in the defense of journalists' rights, to stop violations by coup authorities of the laws that regulate journalism, so the crisis would not get even worse.

In a statement Saturday, FJN journalists criticized the state of inaction and cowardice that taint the syndicate board's reaction.

"The syndicate board simply issued a statement 10 days ago, rejecting and criticizing the decision. They did not move one step forward. Nor did they offer any solution to the crisis, or apply any kind of pressure to get the paper back in print."

The statement pointed that although 13 days have passed since Al-Ahram stopped printing the Freedom and Justice Newspaper, without any legal basis, the journalists postponed their protest activities against closure of the paper after their first protest rally on the Saturday before last. They hoped the syndicate would play its role in the protection of journalists and their paper. However, this has not happened. The syndicate board has not even held a special session to discuss the issue.