Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Junta Rigging Referendum Results
Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Junta Rigging Referendum Results
Thursday, January 9,2014 07:09

 A special tribute to our great patriotic people…

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) salutes the great people of Egypt, who dealt a serious blow to the coup by boycotting the referendum on the illegitimate putschists' constitution, drafted by a panel of 50 members all of whom hand-picked and appointed by the junta who want to make this a substitute for the constitution approved by the people, six months before the ruinous coup, by 65% of the electorate.

Shaky coup authorities panicked when their intelligence services realized that the great Egyptian people have made up their mind not to participate in this farce. Thus, they decided to resort to forgery in its worst and ugliest form. Returning to their old way – before the January 25 Revolution, they are preparing for 'mass voting'. They are allowing people to vote in any polling station without localized voter lists, so any pro-military types can vote over and over again. They also refuse to announce results immediately in polling stations, making for a fatal lack of transparency.

The FJP is full of confidence that the Egyptian people, who have decidedly rejected the sham referendum, will go on to defeat the coup, and will not accept any alternative to reclaiming and revitalizing their January 25 Revolution and achieving its objectives in full.

The Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo: January 8, 2014