Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls People Ignite The Revolution Week of Peaceful Protest
Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls People Ignite The Revolution Week of Peaceful Protest
Friday, January 3,2014 15:48

 To all Egypt’s loyal revolutionaries, men and women…

At the beginning of the new year, which the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance hopes will witness the triumph of the Revolution, our peaceful revolt is on the cusp of a turning point you prepared for with days of revolutionary wrath and epic steadfastness and resilience. Universities, liberty squares, prisons, factories, cities, villages and hamlets actively participated in our non-violent activities, assuring that the Egyptian people have more surprises in their peaceful defiance to reignite the Revolution, and that the revolutionaries’ rage has not yet been activated in full.

The Alliance values ​​the ongoing gradual escalation in all revolutionary activities. It warns the murderous putschists that the end of their heinous coup is approaching fast, as they continue to spill Egyptians’ blood, and as they continue to brutally violate the rights of all loyal honorable citizens, especially the Egyptian hero, the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi.

To all Egypt’s loyal revolutionaries, men and women…

The Alliance solemnly salutes your revolutionary rage in support of Egyptian women, which evidently defeated coup forces.

The Alliance reiterates that Egyptian women are a red line. Those who have not understood the revolutionary messages will only have themselves to blame. Let them wait, for tomorrow the fury and the storm of the second January 25 Revolution will certainly be onto them.

To all Egypt’s loyal revolutionaries, men and women…

Continue your days of revolutionary rage and peaceful protest activities. Complete the mobilization of the people towards the revolutionary boycott of the biggest farce, the sham referendum of January 14, 2014, with a new week of revolutionary action under the banner "People Ignite The Revolution". Let Friday’s million-man march be one of the glorious days of the Revolution, in preparation for another majestic million-man march on Wednesday, under the title "People Defend Their President", on the day of the new session of the farce of the century - the ludicrous trial of the legitimate President Morsi.

Get ready for the decisive rounds to come soon.

Bread, freedom, democratic legitimacy, human dignity…

We will meet on January 25.

The Revolution will continue until retribution is dispatched and justice served.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: January 2, 2014