Itehadia Martyrs Families Reject Trial of President Morsi, Demand Arrest of Real Culprits
Itehadia Martyrs Families Reject Trial of President Morsi, Demand Arrest of Real Culprits
Monday, November 4,2013 05:57

 Itehadia Martyrs Families Association (IMFA) issued its first statement Sunday (November 03, 2013) as follows:

We reject the false trial of the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi on charges related to Itehadia Presidential Palace clashes (of December 5 and 6, 2012), especially as the legal complaints we made formally were clearly against the National Salvation Front leaders and thugs. These are the real murderers. They were never referred for trial or criminal prosecution. They include Hamdan Sabbahi, Amr Moussa and Wael Ibrashi.

We demand an end to the trial, a new independent investigation judge known for his integrity and non-involvement in the current conflict between coup authorities and supporters of the of constitutional legitimacy, and a fresh investigation of the case as a whole.

IMFA will begin a legal and peaceful popular struggle for retribution for the blood of the martyrs, reaffirming that the martyrs who died in Itehadia Palace events were Egyptian supporters of legitimacy who belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood, in addition to one journalist who was killed as he stood among them.

IMFA is baffled at the prosecution that arrests the President – who immediately condemned that incident’s atrocities and called for an immediate investigation into its murderous events – and ignores the real murderers and the interior minister who is evidently an accomplice in the crime.

IMFA will hold a press conference shortly to inform the public on the facts that have so far been brushed aside by the media blackout and the settling of accounts with the Muslim Brotherhood, the President and the murdered revolutionaries.

IMFA will further start a mass media campaign to restore the rights of the oppressed victims of the coup.