Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Huge November 4 Peaceful Protest
Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Huge November 4 Peaceful Protest
Saturday, October 26,2013 06:02

 The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance hails the steadfastness of the Egyptian people, especially the brave revolutionaries standing steadfast in the face of the treasonous military coup in unprecedented numbers in all the governorates of Egypt.

There is no doubt that the great masses that participated in the Friday marches, the broad positive interaction by all Egyptians, and their persistence in peaceful protests in all streets, villages and cities across Egypt stunned the coup commanders and collaborators, who showed the whole world more clearly than ever just how barbaric and bloody-minded they are in confronting peaceful protesters.

The Alliance deplores the involvement Friday of Egypt’s special forces (Sa’eika Commandoes) in attacks against unarmed demonstrators in Alexandria using birdshot and other weapons, injuring more than a hundred demonstrators. Those forces also arrested 13 anti-coup youths.

Moreover, the Alliance denounces attacks on anti-coup peaceful protesters in the governorates of Giza, Suez, Port Said and other provinces.

Further, the Alliance condemns the arrest by coup security forces of more than 20 preparatory-school students in Sharqiya province after the junta’s hired thugs surrounded them during a peaceful march protesting the coup in Abu-Hammad on Friday. The Alliance also denounces the arrest of 7 anti-coup protesters during a nonviolent march in the city of Sohag (Upper Egypt).

The Alliance condemns coup security forces that laid siege to Saad Makarim Mosque in Assiut, to prevent worshippers from going out in an anti-coup demonstration there.

In fact, the coup security forces’ brutal attacks Friday prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the putschists are desperate, confused, collapsing as the number of Egyptians who reject the coup increases every day.

The Alliance calls on the great masses of the Egyptian people to continue the anti-coup activities of the "Persistence" week.
It also reaffirms that November 4 will witness major events of peaceful protest in all parts of Egypt as well as in front of embassies and Egyptian consulates all over the world in rejection of the oppressive military coup, and in support of the steadfastness and persistence of the elected President.

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
Cairo: October 25, 2013