Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Salutes Students, Calls for November 4 Major Rallies
Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Salutes Students, Calls for November 4 Major Rallies
Friday, October 25,2013 06:10

 The free Egyptian youth have proven that they are indeed the mainstay of the revolution. The whole world has witnessed the heroic brave youth in universities – and in particular Al-Azhar University – give the best example of steadfastness, dignity and honor. Those youth shook the thrones of the fascist tyrants and oppressors, and spread fear in their hearts. So, a very special salute to those free youth.

Continuing the nonviolent struggle to bring down this repressive military coup, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy Alliance calls on all free Egyptians to demonstrate on Tuesday under the banner of "Patience is the Path to Victory". The Alliance also affirms that we are steadfast, and will not subside until we defeat this murderous military coup and resume the march on the path of democratic transformation.

The Alliance urges all Egyptian students at all stages of education to continue their peaceful struggle to protest the coup forces’ barbaric attacks that target their nonviolent demonstrations.

The putschists want to break the will of the people and the revolution by trying the elected President Mohamed Morsi and his associates on November 4th. In the face of that, the Alliance affirms that the day will be unprecedented in revolutionary history.

The Alliance further calls on all free people in Egypt and abroad to stand by the revolutionary will opposing the fascist military coup. It also calls for all protest activities to remain, as always, within the peaceful bounds that define our methods and strategy.

God is Great… victory in near.

The Egyptian Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy Alliance
October 21, 2013