Egyptian Schools and Universities Erupt Against the Coup on First Day of Classes
Egyptian Schools and Universities Erupt Against the Coup on First Day of Classes
Monday, September 23,2013 16:06

On Sunday, as Egypt’s educational establishments opened their doors to a new academic year, the country witnessed nationwide protests in schools and colleges, with noticeable presence of the army, and in some cases army officers delivering speeches to the students, a scene unprecedented in Egyptian history.


Below are details that document some of the day's events:
v Video: Expelling the mufti Ali Gomaa from Dar Al-Oloum college, Cairo University, during thesis defense of one student. In the video, students chant against the mufti because of his fatwa that permitted killing of non-violent anti-coup protesters prior to Rabaa massacre.
v Photos: Army soldiers occupy schools on the first day of classes.
v Army officer giving speech on the morning of the first day of classes at an Egyptian school, saying "we are the armed legitimacy"!
v Anti-coup protest vigil at the Arab Academy for Sciences in Alexandria; students protest against the arbitrary arrest of a fellow student.
v Mansoura University protests.
v Misr University for Science and Technology
v School of Medicine, Ain Shams University
v Beni Sweif University
v Alexandria University
v High school students protest in Alexandria
v High school students protest in Damanhur.
v Students protest in Zagazig.
v School replaces national anthem with song praising army on first day of classes!
v School mates of Hala Abu-Shisha, high school student killed during anti-coup protest in July, carrying banners with her picture.