Statement by the Families of Kidnapped Presidential Team
Statement by the Families of Kidnapped Presidential Team
Wednesday, August 7,2013 19:28

We, the families of the kidnapped presidential team, are pleased to offer to the steadfast Egyptian people in their sit-ins all over Egypt, and to the Arab and Muslim nations, our sincere congratulations on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr. May God always bring with it dignity, victory and security.

The forced disappearance of the members of the presidential team, the ongoing character assassination and the false accusations, are all disgraceful acts by the kidnappers, who once swore to respect the Constitution that was written only to protect human rights.

Our parents, members of the presidential team, were kidnapped while they were performing their national duty. They were exposed to baseless, intentional slander in many media sources, without any means of defending themselves. In addition, the coup regime did not allow us to visit or communicate with them, which is a violation of all laws, norms and the most basic of human rights, not to mention the January 25 Revolution, which erupted to retrieve citizens' dignity and freedoms.

Therefore, we condemn the coup regime's actions towards the presidential team, who are known for their patriotism and sincerity. And we demand their immediate release without delay or conditions. We also call on all rights organizations to fulfill their obligations completely in this humane issue.

We announce that we will use all means to pursue anyone complicit in the kidnapping of the presidential team, and will endeavor to obtain their rights by law.

Our parents, spouses and siblings, members of the kidnapped presidential team, be well! And know that, although we miss you, we are well. We find comfort in the knowledge that with your steadfastness you are writing an honorable chapter in the fight for our nation's dignity.

Have hope. For the night is about to end...

And oppression will disappear with no return.

We see determination and resolve in the eyes of millions who have gone out throughout Egypt to reclaim constitutional legitimacy, and we see victory shadowing them wherever they are.

This is what we expect of God.

Know that you have left behind families immune to defeat or extortion.

God Bless Egypt.

The kidnapped are:

1.      Ambassador Rifa'a Al-Tahtawi, Presidential Chief of Staff

2.      Dr. Issam Al-Haddad, Presidential Assistant for Foreign Relations

3.      Dr. Ayman Ali, Presidential Assistant for Expatriate Affairs

4.      Eng. Ass'ad Al-Sheikha, Deputy Chief of Staff

5.      Dr. Ahmad Abdul-'Ati, Presidential Office Manager

6.      Mr. Khaled Al-Qazzaz, Presidential Secretary for Foreign Relations

7.      Mr. Ayman Hudhud, Presidential Advisor for Security

8.      Eng. Abdul-Mageed Al-Mishali, Presidential Advisor for Information

9.      Mr. Ameen Al-Seirfi, Secretary to the Presidential Office Manager