FJP Lawmaker: No Judiciary Law Will Be Passed Without Judges’ Consultation
FJP Lawmaker: No Judiciary Law Will Be Passed Without Judges’ Consultation
Thursday, April 25,2013 01:17

MP Mohammed Tosson, Chairman of the Shura Council's Legislative Committee and leading member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), affirmed that the law of judicial authority will only be issued after taking the opinion of the country’s judges, primarily through the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC).

Tosson said, "We are just beginning to discuss the proposals submitted by MPs for amendments to the Law of the Judiciary. However, any such amendment will only be made after taking the opinion of the SJC, the Constitutional Court, the State Council and the administrative court.

"Ultimately, we are determined that any legislation issued by Shura Council will boost the independence of the judiciary. I would like to tell our honorable judges, the descendants of Abdul-Aziz Pasha Fahmi and Sanhoori as well as Yahya Al-Rifai (symbols and icons of Egypt’s honest and revolutionary judiciary) to save themselves from political involvement and to hold high the value and principle of separation of powers."

He continued, "Just as we are keen for the legislative authority not to encroach on the judicial authority, we ask the judiciary not to interfere in the work of legislation."

"Just as we always say to demonstrators who get out of context, 'It is not by verbal abuse that you cleanse the judiciary', we now say that it is not with threats and warnings that you deal with legislation. Every lawmaker is fully aware that purging the judiciary starts from within, and that the judiciary will always cleanse itself."