Rights Group: Naguib Sawiris Hunts Down Media Professionals, Violates Freedom of Opinion
Rights Group: Naguib Sawiris Hunts Down Media Professionals, Violates Freedom of Opinion
Thursday, April 18,2013 05:06

 Journalists For Reform (JFR) movement condemns Naguib Sawiris’ continued pursuit of Sherif Mansour, presenter of 'Misr 25' satellite TV channel, because as a media symbol he sides with the revolution and its demands, because of his rejection of the ongoing coup against its principles, his resistance against corruption, his defending of the full independence of the judiciary and his standing by freedoms of opinion and expression.

JFR denounces the dubious silence afflicting the Journalists’ Syndicate and the symbols of the media regarding Naguib Sawiris (a businessman who stands accused of tax-evasion) as he persistently sues Sherif Mansour, although they turned the whole world upside down in similar situations as part of clear politically-motivated maneuvers, and as another legal complaint is also filed against Sherif Mansour, alleging he insulted the judiciary in demands he made for cleansing the justice system and upholding the rule of law.

JFR calls all press and media workers to abandon the climate of hate, harassment and hostility, and respond to attacks by enemies of the revolution and those affiliated with the former regime who are buying journalists, terrorizing those who resist, and prosecuting those who support the revolution, like Sherif Mansour. The corrupt are no longer hiding their dirty blood-stained hands.

JFR points that what is happening to Sherif Mansour was preceded by malicious acts against columnist and media icon Ahmad Subaie, director of the office of Al-Aqsa newspaper in Cairo; and media icon Nur Al-Din Abdel-Hafez, presenter of 'Misr 25' satellite TV channel, as well as lawsuits against private religious TV stations Al-Nas and Al-Hafez and attempts to shutter them for reasons totally rejected when used against other TV channels, media outlets and journalists.