Muslim Brotherhood Students Refuse to Postpone Egypt Student Union Elections
Muslim Brotherhood Students Refuse to Postpone Egypt Student Union Elections
Friday, April 12,2013 07:21

 Muslim Brotherhood students expressed complete refusal to postpone student union elections in Egypt, stressing that "the rule to hold the elections in accordance with the provisions of university regulations is binding for all; and as a principle, it is the duty of all to respect the rules. The committee supervising the electoral process will bear responsibility for any consequences resulting from delay or disruption of the election process".

Over the past few days, student vote results showed Brotherhood students significantly ahead in the race, giving them the chance to win the post of Egypt Student Union President, as their candidate lists won 18 seats, or 55% of heads and deputy heads of university student unions.

In a statement, the students said: "Just before the start of voting, students were surprised by Ministry of Higher Education advisers – who supervise the electoral process – declaring that the vote will be adopting the 50%+1 elections system, which is a clear violation of the clear terms of Student Regulations, since stepped elections had already been held on the level of heads of unions in all universities, adopting the majority system".

The Muslim Brotherhood students’ statement said, "While Brotherhood students demanded commitment to regulations and enforcement of relevant laws, Ministry of Higher Education advisers violated the regulations yet again and demanded the students should attend an unofficial meeting to resolve the crisis – that would not exist if everyone abided by the law and the terms of student regulations.

"For the sake of upholding the rule of law, advocated by the January 25 Revolution, and so that the electoral process would not be legally flawed, we call on all parties to commit to application of the provisions of student regulations drafted by Egyptian university students."

Brotherhood students further said they held ministry advisers responsible for consequences of the disruption of the elections and the clear violation of the student regulations, demanding that all parties involved must apply the law and work for the interest of the students.