On The New Vision for the Egyptian Foreign Policy After the Revolution
On The New Vision for the Egyptian Foreign Policy After the Revolution
Wednesday, March 27,2013 13:47
By Dr. Amr Darrag

Since its inception, and inspired by the principles of the great Egyptian Revolution of liberty, human dignity, and social justice, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) recognizes the importance of laying the foundation for a free and prosperous Egypt after decades of authoritarianism and corruption. Our primary objective is to establish a democratic society that respects the rule of law in which citizens have the freedom to choose their own government and representatives. At the heart of our democracy lie our values, faith, and Islamic reference, which we strongly believe are compatible. We are striving to establish a free society, where citizens have equal rights, where women are treated with respect, and have equal access to education, jobs, and politics. A society where Copts, Jews and atheists live side by side in peace with equal citizenship rights.A society where domestic political and social conflicts can be resolved through the culture of cooperation and peaceful engagement, which is the culture our party is adapting today in approaching Egypt’s impediments to a democratic society.


Egypt’s roadmap to a viable democracy is marked by milestones. At the foremost was drafting the country’s first modern constitution after the revolution, which won the confidence of the majority of Egyptians in a free and transparent referendum.In a few months, the Egyptian people will march again to the polls to elect their House of Representatives, which is expected to oversee a new government to fulfill the demands of the revolution and ambitions of the Egyptian people.


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