Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General to Journalists Syndicate Chief: Hope for Cooperation
Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General to Journalists Syndicate Chief: Hope for Cooperation
Thursday, March 21,2013 05:44

 Letter from Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General, Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, to newly elected head of Jouranlists Syndicate Mr. Diaa Rashwan

"Mr. Diaa Rashwan  –  Journalists Syndicate President,

I sincerely congratulate you on your election to the position of Journalists Syndicate President, and I wish you great success in fulfilling your mission.

With reference to the altercations that took place Saturday outside Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Mokattam, involving some journalists and media workers, we assure you of our full respect for journalists and media professionals who do their job objectively. We condemn any abuse or assault against any of them.

At the same time, we send you a video clip showing a photographer attacking Brotherhood headquarters security personnel to provoke and then photograph them! We hope you will investigate the incident and take the necessary action toward this unprofessional conduct that breaks all the rules of journalism.

We assure you once again of our appreciation for the role of the press and media to report facts, enlighten the people and uncover wrong-doing. We also sincerely appreciate the role of many journalists and media workers who helped fight injustice, tyranny and corruption before the January 25 Revolution, which opened the door wide for freedoms, including freedom of the press and the media which we all are determined to defend.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which suffered injustice and persecution more than most, will never condone inflicting injustice on anyone, journalist or non-journalist. We do not accept aggression by anyone. We respect and always seek to uphold the law, and urge everyone to respect it.

We hope the coming days will witness fruitful cooperation between us for the benefit of our homeland and our people.

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General"