Freedom and Justice Party Statement Condemning Current Violence, Urging National Dialogue
Freedom and Justice Party Statement Condemning Current Violence, Urging National Dialogue
Monday, January 28,2013 06:34

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) deeply regrets the violence that accompanied the second anniversary of the glorious January 25 Revolution. The FJP also condemns the killings and vandalism that occurred in the cities of Suez and Port Said, our brave cities that gave thousands of martyrs throughout Egypt’s history and have always been among the most important defense lines for our beloved homeland. Our heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyrs and sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery for the injured.

Freedom of opinion and expression and the right to peaceful protest and demonstration are some of the most important achievements of the glorious January 25 Revolution. These are indeed rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the January revolution that all Egyptians must maintain and commit to their principles.

At the same time, national and political parties must not stop at condemning the violence. All leaders as well as the media must play a positive role and make effective contribution in stopping all forms of sabotage and attacks on state facilities and property of the Egyptian people. To stand as one in the face of advocates of chaos and destruction is a national duty that no honorable citizen should ignore.

Furthermore, respecting the rule of law and respect for court rulings are the most important pillars of the modern democratic state for which the people made the January 25 Revolution.

The FJP, therefore, calls on everyone to commit to the ways prescribed by the law to appeal any judicial rulings so justice is done without excess or negligence. The FJP also announces its support for the actions taken by President Mohamed Morsi to restore security across Canal cities.

The FJP reaffirms its consistent approach of openness to everyone and keenness to listen to all ideas, as well as encouraging constructive and unconditional dialogue among all parties and political forces. For dialogue is the way to take Egypt to the shores of safety and stability.

In conclusion, the FJP calls upon all citizens to give no opportunity to people determined to drag the country to chaos in order to serve their own narrow personal interests and to impede the march of the revolution and the fight against corruption and the endeavors to uphold law and order. The FJP further affirms the role expected of our free press and the media in efforts to quell sedition and provide facts to public opinion impartially and objectively.

God save Egypt and the Egyptian people.

Freedom and Justice party

January 27, 2013