Mahmoud Hussein Denounces Violence in Demonstrations Outside Presidential Palace
Mahmoud Hussein Denounces Violence in Demonstrations Outside Presidential Palace
Thursday, December 6,2012 06:28

 Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General, denounced demonstrators in front of the Presidential Palace resorting to vandalism and violence.

He stressed that the right of peaceful demonstration is guaranteed for all, so long as demonstrators commit to peaceful protest, "The use of violence is nothing to do with real revolutionaries’ ethics".

Dr. Hussein criticized those who had no respect for and no interest and no faith in democracy, those who scorn the true meaning of freedom, those who use crude and contemptible ways of expression, rather than put their points across in a civilized manner.

He stressed that the media deliberately distorts the facts and promotes lies, adding that the world turned upside down when the Brotherhood demonstrated peacefully outside the Supreme Constitutional Court, although the Ministry of Interior accused the media of lying and affirmed that no Brotherhood member attacked any Court staff in any way whatsoever.

"Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in the provinces were attacked, but we never attacked anyone in revenge.

"The Brotherhood, along with other Islamic and revolutionary groups and movements, organized the largest million-man marches and rallies in support of the President, with real millions of citizens joining us. No-one attacked any facility or individual. Everyone witnessed the discipline of the Muslim Brothers."