Freedom and Justice Party Launches Women's Cadres Project
Freedom and Justice Party Launches Women's Cadres Project
Monday, October 1,2012 06:35

 As part of its comprehensive efforts to train and prepare female cadres to present an Islamic alternative to the secular vision imposed on Egypt for decades, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) – in cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian Center for Monitoring Women’s Priorities (Maram) – on Sunday, September 30, launched a project to prepare female cadres for positive partisan activities, in the presence of Dr. Essam El-Erian, acting head of the FJP; Ahmed Shaarawi, MB Sisters Department official; Gaber Muhanna, Maram Center official.

Dr. Essam El-Erian affirmed that the FJP pays particular attention to the role of women as a pivotal component and an essential factor, adding that the goal of preparing female cadres is to allow women to contribute more positively in the rebuilding of Egypt and the whole nation.

Erian criticized those who claim that women’s is but a supportive role next to men’s mission. He stressed that women are not meant to play a merely supporting role, but are a fundamental contributor, with their own vital roles and missions parallel to those of men, “It is illogical to disable half of society’s resources and capabilities by limiting their role to support and assistance only.

“The FJP is keen to revitalize the role of women in all fields and disciplines. Women are in the FJP’s various secretariats, including provincial and party unit secretariats. This illustrates the FJP’s balanced vision and moderate attitudes towards women.”

Meanwhile, Gaber Muhanna, Maram Center official, stressed that the goal of the project – which organizes activities, sessions and lectures once a week over a period of three months – is to prepare 110 female cadres, in all governorates across Egypt, so they can contribute to building and revitalizing the institutions of governance in Egypt, at the level of the presidency, the government and the Constitution.

“These female cadres will also contribute in the completion of Nahda (Renaissance) Project, achieving national reconciliation, and facing various challenges, through training of candidates, identifying competitors, and actively promoting FJP achievements, in order for the party to be a major force that dominates the political scene in the coming phase of Egypt's history.

“The most important areas and themes that are covered in lectures are popular presentation of the FJP’s vision of the Islamic project, the role of women in that project as a cultural initiative for the nation as a whole, and the political, media and development issues, as well as the most important family issues on the scene.”

Muhanna further explained that the female cadre preparation project was originally Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s, when he was FJP Chairman.

Freedom and Justice Party

September 30, 2012