100 Freedoms Articles Drafted in Egypt’s New Constitution for All Egyptians
100 Freedoms Articles Drafted in Egypt’s New Constitution for All Egyptians
Friday, August 31,2012 09:36

Dr. Farid Ismail, member of both the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Executive Office and the Constituent Assembly (CA) entrusted with authoring Egypt’s new constitution, affirmed that the Article relating to the status of the President has already been drafted.

He pointed that this article will now be put through to members of the CA for a vote.

In a statement, Dr. Ismail added that 60 articles on rights and duties, freedoms and the rule of law have been finalized and put through to CA members for a vote.

Dr. Ismail further mentioned that the CA has finalized the Basic Components articles, which include fundamental issues pertaining to economic, social and other matters. He confirmed that the Chapter on freedoms will be a model document, unparalleled in constitutions of the world.

Moreover, Ismail said that members of the CA worked day and night, even during the month of Muslim fasting (Ramadan). He stated that more than 100 articles have so far been drafted, including some relating to the basic components of the state.

He assured the Egyptian people that work in the Constituent Assembly is going smoothly and at a fast pace, stressing that the issues about which some questions were raised are currently being discussed in a serious objective way, especially Article II – on Islamic law, as well as the Article that deals with governors (heads of provinces across Egypt), and the status of the Constitutional Court.