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Khattab: Muslim Brotherhood Economic Program is Based on Free Market, Social Justice
Khattab: Muslim Brotherhood Economic Program is Based on Free Market, Social Justice
Thursday, August 23,2012 07:15

 Dr. Abdullah Khattab, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Economic Affairs Committee, asserted that the economic vision of the FJP and the Muslim Brotherhood maintains an essential balance between the capitalist and the socialist-oriented market systems, within a moral framework, and Islamic reference.

Khattab rejected as false statements by Mustafa Saeed, former Finance Minister and senior member of the defunct National Democratic Party, claiming that Brotherhood leaders do not have any economic vision.

Khattab further added that Mustafa Saeed never read the FJP’s program, nor the material presented by the Brotherhood in that program: economic thought based on Islamic reference, taking into account the balance between the free market and requirements of social justice, while seeking to build strong institutions in Egypt, away from the control of business corporations.

"Claims that Brotherhood businessmen control the Egyptian economy in a manner similar to the Mubarak era where capital ruled over the state, are basically vilifying slanders by individuals who never read the FJP’s economic program.

"Indeed, the Brotherhood’s commitment to an economic system with Islamic reference gives businesses and businessmen the freedom to invest without allowing them to control the economy or the state’s resources and economic direction. It certainly does not allow for the creation of a completely free market system like that which dominated the economy under the previous regime."