Muslim Brotherhood: We Do Not Use Force or Violence Against Opponents
Muslim Brotherhood: We Do Not Use Force or Violence Against Opponents
Friday, August 10,2012 11:26

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood, affirmed that his organization had nothing to do with protests and demonstrations organized by some of Egypt’s youth and political forces outside Cairo’s Media City, in which the journalist Khaled Salah was attacked.

Hussein stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood never took part in the Media City protests, and that the group never called its supporters or anyone to protest outside the Media City.

He pointed that the Brotherhood’s dispute with certain media outlets is a "civilized difference of opinion that does not involve any physical quarrels at all".

Hussein further stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood’s moral code and general approach do not include or condone attacking individuals. He challenged those who accuse the Muslim Brotherhood of any such attacks to provide convincing tangible evidence.

"The security services must urgently investigate this matter, to apprehend the real culprits responsible for the alleged assault."

The Brotherhood’s Secretary-General described persistent calls for a new revolution and for torching the Brotherhood’s headquarters as calls for bullying and vandalism by the remnants of the former regime in a desperate attempt to inflame the situation and create chaos in the whole country.

"Those who make such dubious calls have veered off the path of logical reasoning and political dialogue, resorting to violence, vandalism and bullying because they have no popular bases and no real support in the Egyptian street.

Furthermore, Hussein pointed that protection of the Brotherhood’s headquarters is the responsibility for the country’s security apparatus, adding that: "Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, the Brotherhood's lawyer, has submitted a request to the Ministry of Interior to provide full protection for the organization’s headquarters".