Statement by Ennahdha Party on Recent Violence in Tunisia
Statement by Ennahdha Party on Recent Violence in Tunisia
Thursday, June 14,2012 17:43

In a renewed desperate attempt by those benefiting from slowing down change and those harmed by the popular revolutionary decisions and measures taken, and in an attempt to test the state’s ability to impose respect of the law and the Government’s will to continue combating corruption and disrupting its network, as steps towards paving the way for suspect political initiatives as well as spreading despair amongst young people and deprived sections of society who have been victims of the policies of the fallen regime over two decades, of any possibility of development in the country, improving conditions and achieving the highest levels of dignity, freedom and justice for which our people have sacrificed greatly,

Out of awareness of the dangers of deliberate provocation in order to push sections of the youth towards confrontation and vandalism, indicating that those behind such events unscrupulously ignite the fire of sedition and seek to destroy what has been accomplished and undermine the sacred beliefs of our people,

Ennahdha Party expresses:

1. Its renewed resolve to achieve the aims of the revolution regardless of the sacrifices required
2. Its strong condemnation of these repeated attempts to undermine public institutions and the revolution, and those who are behind them
3. Its strong condemnation of attacks on national sacred symbols and the devious attempts to confuse distinct matters and provoke Tunisians
4. Its full solidarity with the General Union of Tunisian Workers (UGTT) and all political parties whose headquarters have been targeted
5. Its call upon the Government to uphold the law and ensure that the law is respected, acknowledging in this respect the efforts of the police and army to protect public and private property
6. Its call upon all political, workers' and civil groups to take responsibility and contribute to the protection of the revolution and its aims.

Rached Ghannouchi
Ennahdha Party