33 Public Figures Reject Shafiq’s Accusations of The Muslim Brotherhood
33 Public Figures Reject Shafiq’s Accusations of The Muslim Brotherhood
Wednesday, June 13,2012 16:44

More than thirty-three public figures, representing all political currents and orientations in Egypt, denounced Ahmed Shafiq’s evidently false accusations against the Muslim Brotherhood, regarding the bloody Camel Battle, over which the leaders of the defunct National Party are currently standing trial.

In a statement, those prominent personalities said, "It is most ludicrous that the culprit, the murderer accuses the victims, while he still sheds their blood which clearly, profusely flows on his hands, and despite the glaring truth which shows that Mubarak era holdovers – institutions and individuals – are brutally committing these new crimes.

"The Egyptian people rose in the January 25 revolution in protest against a ruler they regarded as a traitor to his country, whose commands and decisions caused a lot of bloodshed in Egypt and many other Arab countries. The people will certainly not accept his rule again, and will not tolerate the targeting of protesters, the selling out of the revolution, or divisive tactics by old guard officials."

The above statement was signed by Abdul-Jalil Mustafa, Dr. Alaa Al-Aswani, Dr. Seif Al-Din Abdel-Fattah, Dr. Radwa Ashour, Sonoa-Allah  Ibrahim, Dr. Aida Seif El-Dawla, Abdul-Rahman Youssef, Dr. Faten Morsy, Safaa Zaki Murad, Mohsina Tawfik, Dr. Ahmed Darrag, Dr. Omaima Idris, Dr. Yahya Kazaz, Dr. Ibtihal Younis, Taqadom Al-Khatib, Dr. Tamim Barghoti, Ahdaf Soueif, the poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, Dr. Moatazza Khater, Dr. Amina Rashid, Sayed Bahrawy, Dr. Abeer Abdel-Hafez, Najlaa Nassar, Amin Haddad, Bilal Fadl, Dr. Rabab Al-Mahdi, Ibrahim Al-Hudaibi, Samia Jaheen, Dr. Mona Sabri, Dr. Mohamed Talaat, writer and journalist Wael Qandil, Dr. Huda Al-Sadda, and Dr. Manar Al-Kholi.