Muslim Brotherhood Statement 1 in Response to General Shafiq’s Allegations, Black Propaganda
Muslim Brotherhood Statement 1 in Response to General Shafiq’s Allegations, Black Propaganda
Monday, June 11,2012 20:54

Recently, General Ahmed Shafiq has resorted to the old method of black propaganda, making up big lies and blaming them on the Muslim Brotherhood, to distort and taint the Brothers' image in people’s minds and mislead public opinion.

This is aimed at driving voter support 
away from Dr. Mohamed Morsi, candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in the runoff presidential election, and directing voters to support Shafiq, or at least to boycott the elections.

Needless to say, this is the time-worn method of bankrupt failures who have no respect for moral values, ethics or the code-of-honor of honest competition.

In this context, Shafiq now claims that the Muslim Brotherhood was behind the killers of demonstrators in the ‘Camel Battle’ during the days of the revolution.

However, all Egyptians know that the leaders of the dissolved National Party are the culprits who brought the ruthless snipers and the thugs riding horses and camels into Tahrir Square, killing revolutionaries and peaceful protesters, in order to evacuate the square and effectively abort the revolution.

The people also know that General Shafiq is one of the icons of the dissolved National Party, and that he was the Prime Minister at the time of the Camel massacre.

Moreover, it is well known that, then PM, Shafiq did not take any action to prevent or stop the massacre. He simply came out to apologize on satellite TV channels, promising that the killing would not be repeated.

Certainly, the snipers and the killers resumed their bloody work several times during the revolution.
All this condemns General Shafiq and his Interior Minister at the time, Major General Mahmoud Wagdy, for committing the same crimes for which the former president and his Interior Minister were convicted.

Furthermore, Shafiq’s Ministry had security and intelligence forces seize recorded material evidence from cameras deployed around Tahrir Square and erase or destroy all that could expose the murderers and criminals responsible for the massacres.

When the prosecution investigated the bloody events of this massacre, under pressure from million-man marches and demonstrations across the country, it heard testimonies of dozens of witnesses and ended up bringing the dissolved National Party’s top officials to trial, especially the Speakers of the People's Assembly and Shura Council (the two houses of parliament).

At that time, General Shafiq never made any statement or testimony to the prosecutor. He seems to have kept such substantial ‘evidence’ a secret for nearly a year and a half. In fact, he never came forward because he knows fully well that he was consciously involved in the crime.

Suddenly, just these days, General Shafiq came out with his completely illogical big lies and vicious slander -condemned by reality and rejected by sober minds.

It certainly is not feasible for the Muslim Brothers to kill their fellow protesters and honorable revolutionaries who stood with them side by side during the revolution.

Also, the testimony of dozens of public figures prove that without the bravery of the Muslim Brothers and their sacrifices to protect the Square and defend the revolution during the events of the ‘Camel Battle’ against ruthless thugs and snipers, the definite result would have been the complete elimination of the revolution.

Some of these public figures were Naguib Sawiris, Bilal Fadl, Mustafa El-Fiqi, Yomn Al-Hamaqi, amongst others.

Further, there are hundreds of other Martyrs who died at other times and in other places. Who killed them? And who rammed unarmed protesters with a U.S. Embassy vehicle in Kasr Al-Aini Street?

Ultimately, General Shafiq’s lies reflect slander, a shameless big failure, an attempt to repudiate the heinous crime against the people, against the revolution, and an attempt to blame it all on the victims, on revolutionaries, and the political rival.

Is it at all conceivable that a man with such shameful history and big lies could be fit for the presidency?

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: June 10, 2012