Mubarak Loyalists Attempt to Trigger Sectarian Strife in a Bid to Smear Morsi Campaign in Ismailia
Mubarak Loyalists Attempt to Trigger Sectarian Strife in a Bid to Smear Morsi Campaign in Ismailia
Thursday, June 7,2012 10:30

Persisting in their old methods of intimidating and terrorizing the Egyptian people and destroying national unity, former regime leftovers continue their dirty war against the revolution and the presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi. Enemies of the revolution have just thought out a despicable desperate trick.

The people of Salam neighborhood in Ismailia province were shocked to witness a crime where five armed men, one of whom wore a ninja mask, jumped out of a blue Toyota salon car and a white pickup truck that had just stopped outside a jewelry shop.

Gunmen burst into the shop, owned by the Christian citizen Joseph Fanous, automatic weapons on the ready. There were two other jewelry shops on the other side of the road, owned by Muslim traders.

Gunmen smashed up the shop, took all the gold and jewelry and fled in a tightly-organized operation. Locals noticed a campaign poster for Dr. Morsi on the Toyota salon car. This seemed like a clear attempt to convince onlookers of a false link to Morsi’s presidential campaign.

As soon as Morsi’s campaign managers got word of the incident, their lawyers lodged a complaint with the police about it.
Also, Dr. Mahmoud Elhamami, Secretary of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), spoke to both the director of security in Ismailia and the police station commander, who said they understood such criminal acts and tricks that have nothing to do with religion.

Meanwhile, former regime holdovers continue to wage war against the revolution and its supporters. Most recently, they circulated false and naive claims that Dr. Morsi will mortgage the Suez Canal to Qatar. It is well known to all Egyptians that the comprehensive renaissance Nahda project Dr. Morsi is carrying forth promises to develop and revitalize the Suez Canal, as well as the region’s cities and people.

Of course, several top leaders of the FJP have already refuted this lie, more than once. Indeed, if the Canal mortgage or rental claim was true, Nahda project would not have been so focused on its rejuvenation and development.

In spite of this dirty war, Dr. Morsi’s campaign will continue to abide by principles of self-control, and will expose such tricks with the utmost speed and transparency. The campaign will also expose all criminals of the former regime and its loyalists, masters of corruption, who are trying to subvert our campaign.

Needless to say, Mubarak and his security apparatuses used the same methods before: deception, brainwashing, circulating rumors and lies, and killing innocent Muslims and Christians ruthlessly. Even houses of worship were not spared from violations of that old corrupt system, which thought nothing of blowing up and burning the "Two Saints" church in Alexandria, as well as the Churches of Atfeih and Almarenab in Aswan.

We are fully confident that the great Egyptian people who brought down Mubarak and his cronies have the intelligence to realize that this is a dirty slanderous war, a desperate plot, and to expose the sponsors of that relentless campaign.

Cairo: Thursday, June 7, 2012