Freedom and Justice Party Statement on SCAF Meeting and Constituent Assembly
Freedom and Justice Party Statement on SCAF Meeting and Constituent Assembly
Tuesday, June 5,2012 23:51

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) confirms that the Egyptian revolution is passing through a critical stage, after the shocking verdicts for former president Hosni Mubarak and his top aides who have been acquitted of charges of killing demonstrators during the events of the January 25 revolution.

The FJP, therefore, calls upon the Egyptian people to turn out positively for strong and active participation in the ‘Protect the Revolution' million-man protests called for by a number of parties and political and revolutionary movements.

The people’s demands must be fully satisfied through a new trial for the killers of the revolutionaries and by bringing to justice all those involved in withholding and destroying evidence, in addition to blocking former regime top officials from the presidential race in proper application of the disenfranchisement law amendments as approved by parliament.

The FJP also announces that it will not participate in the meeting called for by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to be held on Tuesday June 5, 2012 since it is neither appropriate nor relevant amid current events and developments.

Furthermore, the SCAF meeting comes days before completing the final phase of the presidential elections, which means handing over power to the new President elected by the Egyptian people in free and fair elections, expressing the opinion and choice of the people, something which SCAF has repeatedly pledged to do.

Moreover, the FJP affirms its strong and categorical rejection of any amendments to the existing Constitutional Declaration, for any such modification would indicate a failure to respect the popular will, which was reflected in the referendum on the constitutional amendments in March 2011.

The FJP further declares that it persists in communication and consultation with the rest of the political parties and movements in order to achieve general consensus on the formation of the Constituent Assembly to draft the new Egyptian constitution.

Indeed, consensus is almost fully achieve by agreement on the general criteria and on those who must be represented in the Constituent Assembly based on Al-Azhar Document approved by all parties and political stakeholders as well as the Democratic Alliance Code of Honor, as a general framework in the preparation of the new national charter.

The FJP affirms that it has been agreed that the Constituent Assembly should include representatives of political parties, trade unions, legal scholars and representatives of judicial bodies and religious institutions – Islamic and Christian – as well as representatives from labor and farmer unions and other associations.

It should also include representatives of youth and the executive branch, as well as public figures, to ensure positive participation of youth, women and Copts as an important part in the components of the Egyptian society.

Freedom and Justice Party

June 4, 2012