Dr. Morsi Receives Foreign Minister of Burundi
Dr. Morsi Receives Foreign Minister of Burundi
Monday, May 14,2012 10:19

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and the presidential candidate of the FJP and the Muslim Brotherhood for the presidency, Saturday, met with Burundian foreign minister Augustin Nsanze and Amisi Ntnaguibangura, Burundi's Ambassador in Cairo.

Dr. Morsi welcomed the Burundian Foreign Minister, underscoring the need to support African-Egyptian relations in general and the Nile Basin countries in particular, and especially the State of Burundi.

Dr. Morsi affirmed that, if he becomes Egypt’s president, he would respect the agreements signed by Egypt, including those related to the Nile Basin countries.

For his part, Augustin Nsanze congratulated the Egyptian People on the success of their great revolution of January 25, praising the role of the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP in supporting the process of democratization in Egypt as it marches persistently towards the presidential election.

He expressed his confidence that the FJP’s candidate will emerge the winner in Egypt’s presidency elections, since the FJP enjoys wide popular support as reflected in the results of the recent parliamentary elections.

The Burundian Foreign Minister further expressed his confidence that Egypt’s forthcoming government will commit to agreements signed with the incumbent government, and hoped to deepen and bolster the prospects of cooperation among Nile Basin countries.

He also criticized the attitude of previous governments in dealing with the Nile Basin and the non-implementation of the conventions on upstream countries.