Morsi on CBC: I Stand With Freedom of Creativity, Expression
Morsi on CBC: I Stand With Freedom of Creativity, Expression
Friday, May 11,2012 22:03

In his CBC TV interview, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the nominee of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) for the presidency, affirmed that he stands firmly with the freedom of creativity and high art that is inseparable from the nation’s identity. Moreover, he emphasized that freedom of expression will be preserved, stating that "no one will be persecuted due to his/her opinions". 

He explained that Egypt is unique in all its experiences, and that “The new Egypt experience will be unique, as will be witnessed by all Egyptians. We have learnt a lot from the mistakes of former regimes, and will not repeat them”.

He pointed out that Nahda Program is the best plan of success and prosperity for Egypt, because behind it stand venerable institutions, and all the most prominent experts in Egypt will have vital roles in it. It is also a project for all Egyptians.

Dr. Morsi explained that Islamic reference in education strengthens and deepens the sense of national belonging, where the teacher must be positively interested in the student’s well-being, success and good upbringing, and where education preserves the national unity and safeguards the rights of Copts and Muslims alike.

The Brotherhood’s presidential candidate further pointed out that a quarter of the Egyptian population is in the educational process and the labor market, and that this underscores the need to activate and promote aspects of training in the Egyptian education system, in order to prepare students for the labor market.

He explained that free education, at all levels, is a natural right for all Egyptians, adding that the cost of education is no less than one billion Egyptian Pounds (US$167mil), the largest share of which is the cost of private tuition.

“Charitable or civil society organizations may contribute towards such costs, but responsibility for supervising the educational process rests with the state, because it is the engine that will propel real renaissance and development.

The FJP presidential contender explained that education is a guaranteed solution capable of countering extremist ideas. He pointed that a modern and highly-developed Education Act has been in the pipeline for a long time.

“There are exemplary University professors who deliver brilliant performance in education”, he said, adding: “University staff incomes must be raised. In fact, all university problems must be solved”.

He stressed that Egyptian women must have all their rights just like Egyptian men, in addition to their own full rights as female members of society.

Dr. Morsi explained that the FJP nominated 76 women in recent parliamentary elections – the largest proportion among those engaged in the elections – as Egyptian women's work represents added value that should be upheld.

On the issue of building houses of worship, he said that by law Copts have the right to build houses of worship anywhere they wanted, just like Muslims.

Dr. Morsi asserted that corruption certainly impacts society, and therefore must be addressed, “We will not allow the return of policies of corruption that ran rampant under the former regime”.

Moreover, he stressed that the president's advisers and staff will be qualified Egyptians, regardless of their beliefs, affiliations or sex, and that those will include women, because there are indeed many highly-qualified Egyptian women who can contribute to their country’s advancement.

With regard to the 65% of Egyptian population living in slums around the country, Dr. Morsi said: “We are facing a societal challenge that affects the Egyptian society as a whole. We must consider the subject in a methodological manner.

“All dangerous living quarters must be replaced by new safe ones. The State must provide facilities. Everyone must fully realize and appreciate that these places are a great risk. If moving all residents is not possible, those places must be modified and improved and job opportunities must be created within range.”

Furthermore, Dr. Morsi stressed the need to uphold the rule of law, the Constitution, justice and the system of values – especially freedom and truth.

“Egyptian society is but one integral fabric. I am confident that Egypt's youth will play their vital role as the backbone of Nahda Project.

“I assure people with special needs that they will get their full rights to a dignified life and proper care."