Al-Shater: Political Scene Frustrating; Ganzouri Government Paralyzed
Al-Shater: Political Scene Frustrating; Ganzouri Government Paralyzed
Tuesday, May 8,2012 23:55

Khairat Al-Shater, Vice Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, affirmed that the political scene in Egypt now gives no cause for optimism, and there is potential for a dangerous escalation on the street.

In a comprehensive interview published in the weekly edition of Egyptian newspaper ‘Al-Gomhuria’ on Thursday, Al-Shater said: “The meeting of the Military Council with party leaders about the Constituent Assembly was meant to circumvent the Constitutional Declaration.

“The Ganzouri government is totally paralyzed. For the sake of the people of this homeland, and for the sake of investors who are waiting patiently for stability in Egypt, we are determined to oust the incumbent Cabinet.”

He added, “We challenge anyone to prove that the Muslim Brotherhood received a penny of foreign funding”.

Regarding polls on the popularity of the Muslim Brotherhood in the street, Al-Shater said: “Those are certainly rigged, biased or distorted, and the evidence is that practically, on the ground, the Muslim Brothers repeatedly score sweeping victories in all free and fair elections, as witnessed in the recent parliamentary elections, as we as elections at universities and trade unions”.