Muslim Brotherhood Calls on Egyptian Authorities to Release Syrian Youth
Muslim Brotherhood Calls on Egyptian Authorities to Release Syrian Youth
Saturday, March 24,2012 08:40

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) condemned the detention of a group of Syrian youths in Egypt, urging the Egyptian authorities to reconsider the detention decision and release them immediately.

Earlier, the Egyptian public prosecutor decided to detain a number of Syrian youths for 15 days, after they lay siege to the Syrian embassy in Cairo to protest the brutal massacres of the Syrian regime against their families in Syria.

In a statement, the MB said, "The truth is that all the atrocities committed in Syria right now – the continuous daily massacres, the bloody torture of old people, women and children, the destruction and siege of villages and towns, and depriving the people of the necessities of life – can move even the most callous obdurate heart, and provoke anyone into wrath".

"If masses of people turn out anywhere, in an emotional reaction to those bloody atrocities, protesting, revolting and condemning those crimes against defenseless civilians, they have every excuse to do so. Indeed, they would be doing a humane and moral duty. The situation with the Syrian people is even worse, as they see their children and their parents being brutally tortured, raped and killed", said the MB statement.

Further, the MB stressed that Egyptians’ duty is to at least share the feelings of the Syrian people and condemn and protest the massacres and rapes, simply for the love of God, for our Muslim brothers and sisters. Then, detaining the young Syrian protestors is totally unacceptable according to all Islamic, human and Arab values, and completely inconsistent with valor, compassion and brotherhood.

The MB prayed God to protect Syria from all evil and to achieve the hopes of its people for freedom, dignity and sovereignty.