Evangelical Church of Egypt (Synod of the Nile) Hails Brotherhood Chairman Visit
Evangelical Church of Egypt (Synod of the Nile) Hails Brotherhood Chairman Visit
Friday, March 16,2012 12:02

Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, Vice President of the Evangelical Church of Egypt, described Dr. Mohamed Badie, the Muslim Brotherhood Chairman’s visit, together with a delegation of the group, to the Evangelical Church as an important visit that helped deepen understanding between the two sides on many issues concerning the future of Egypt, especially the concept of the relationship between religion and state politics.

In a statement to the Middle East News Agency (MENA), Dr. Zaki said that in this visit, the two parties completed a discussion which began in a previous visit by the leaders of the Evangelical Church to the Brotherhood’s headquarters. He emphasized the importance of the central role of religion in the lives of Egyptians in general, adding that it, therefore, cannot be left out of activities of Egyptians’ daily life.

Dr. Zaki explained that the meeting addressed Article II of the Constitution, which states that the principles of Islamic Sharia are the source of legislation. He stressed the Christian side’s agreement for keeping it, pointing out that the Brotherhood’s delegation explained how Sharia principles are the ultimate moral and human values shared with all monotheistic religions, and that they also ensure that non-Muslims may resort to their own religious rules in matters of personal status.

Rev. Zaki said that Dr. Badie addressed the issue of citizenship, and rejected the idea of discriminating between Egyptians on the basis of religion, since the Islamic rule is that Muslims and Christians have the same rights and duties. The two sides also agreed that religious texts allow interpretations that suit the current situation and circumstances generally and meet the needs of the community.