Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Israeli Aggression Against Gaza
Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Israeli Aggression Against Gaza
Tuesday, March 13,2012 09:04

Egyptian Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) unequivocally condemns the recent and continuing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. The FJP asserts that this aggression is not only directed against the people of Gaza, but aims to test Arab – and especially Egyptian – reactions, after the revolution. However, this is certainly the wrong message, delivered in a totally wrong and abhorrent context. Israel must fully realize that Egypt, whose people have bravely erupted against and toppled the tyrannical corrupt regime which provided it with constant and direct support, will not under any circumstances accept such Israeli actions and deliberate violent escalation, which put the entire region at risk and threaten international relations, stability and security.

The FJP stresses that the security of the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian people inevitably impacts the national security of Egypt. Hence, the Egyptian people regard as very suspicious the recent Israeli aggressions and the extent of Israeli disrespect for international conventions which Israel has been violating continuously, dragging the whole region into a series of deep crises.

Meanwhile, the FJP calls on the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) – Egypt’s interim military rulers – to denounce this escalation and to strongly announce the firm and whole-hearted stance of the Egyptian people, and all Egyptian institutions, in condemning this aggression, and that post-revolution Egypt will stand solidly by her besieged brothers in Gaza. The party also asserts that the siege Israel has been imposing on Gaza is no longer acceptable under any justification, which requires full and permanent opening of the Rafah border crossing, just like all other border crossings linking Egypt with its neighboring Arab countries.
Further, the FJP vows full support for the people of Gaza, who have chosen steadfast resistance as a legitimate means to defend themselves and restore their land, which entails providing them with all they need to ensure that they obtain their internationally and legally recognized rights.
Moreover, the FJP also calls on the international community and the Quartet, especially the United Nations, and all other institutions and countries concerned, who pledged to play the role of guarantor of Israel's commitment to its obligations, to take all necessary measures to put an end to this aggression, this deliberate provocation and these new abuses and violations which can plunge the entire region in a severe crisis with unavoidable serious consequences.
The FJP also calls upon the United States to abandon its policy of double standards, if it is genuinely interested in developing its relations with Arab and Islamic peoples. It certainly is no longer acceptable or logical that the United States persists in turning a blind eye to Israel’s recurrent and brutal excesses and aggressions, and continues to deal with the peoples of the Arab revolutions with the same approach it adopted with corrupt regimes toppled by these revolutions.
The Freedom and Justice Party
Monday, 12th of March 2012