Syrian Muslim Brotherhood: Assad's Crimes Surpassed Nazi Massacres
Syrian Muslim Brotherhood: Assad's Crimes Surpassed Nazi Massacres
Tuesday, January 31,2012 18:41

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB), in Syria described the genocide in Syria as surpassing any atrocities carried out by the Zionists, Nazis and Fascists witnessed in history. The unscrupulous aggressions must be condemned and all those who remain silent are voluntary partners in the crime against the innocent Syrian people, Syrian MB said. 

In a press statement, spokesman for the Syrian MB, Zoheir Salem stated: "Following Bashar Al-Assad's speech who reiterated that the security issue must be solved in Syria (threatening that all opposition will be crushed with an iron fist) any monitoring or reports will be meaningless." 
He stressed: "The courageous Syrian people are resilient and will continue till their demands of freedom and a civil state are achieved. The people demand that their nation be built on the basis of social justice, equality and brotherhood and their resolve will never again be circumvented. Their will shall never again be broken."

According to the MB in Syria, any nation, party, organization, institution and individual who fail to condemn the aggression are partners in the crime against humanity. The Syria crisis instigated by Al-Assad and his corrupt regime has reached a critical juncture and the atrocious  genocide and cleansing against the people requires immediate  intervention; it is a moral obligation of one and all. It is now a humanitarian crisis  not a political one. 
The statement held the Syrian regime entirely responsible stressing that each and every faction involved in these criminal acts  must be held accountable for their actions and the repercussions which will effect the future of Syria.