Freedom and Justice Party Receives Romanian Ambassador In Cairo
Freedom and Justice Party Receives Romanian Ambassador In Cairo
Tuesday, January 31,2012 17:40

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), received on Monday (January 30) Gheorghe DUMITRU, Ambassador of the Republic of Romania in Cairo. The two sides discussed the political scene in Egypt and ways to bolster political and economic relations between Egypt and Romania.

The Romanian ambassador congratulated the FJP on the marvellous results it achieved in parliamentary elections, which reflect the confidence accorded by the Egyptian people to the party to lead them through the transitional period, stressing the Romanian government’s respect of the will of the Egyptian people.

The Romanian Ambassador underlined the need to establish economic relations with Egypt, through the support of a number of investment projects between the two countries, the most important of which should be shipbuilding of river transport vehicles, coal and the technology and electronics industry, noting that 80% of the timber industry in Damietta is imported from Romania with a total value amounting to one hundred million dollars annually.

For his part, Dr. Morsi welcomed the Romanian ambassador, pointing out that there are common factors between the Egyptian revolution and the Romanian revolution, which happened twenty years earlier, calling it the revolution that inspired the peoples of the Arab region.

Dr. Morsi added that Egypt needs to learn from the Romanian experience in effecting change and in managing the transition at both the political and economic levels, and expressed his hope that the Egyptian will shall succeed in political and economic reform and rejuvenation. He pointed that the parliamentary elections represent a first step towards achieving the goals of the revolution, and that other steps include the formation of the Constituent Assembly of the constitution, and then the holding of presidential elections at the end of next June.

Dr. Morsi called on the Romanian ambassador to urge his country to support the Egyptian revolution politically and morally, by supporting the Egyptian economy, encouraging investment and facilitating Egyptian exports to European markets.