FJP Press Release No. (29), Second Phase Run-off
FJP Press Release No. (29), Second Phase Run-off
Thursday, December 22,2011 07:33


 Cairo: 21 December 2011  -  21:00  (19:00 GMT)

Ballot boxes have been closed at the end of this first day of run-off voting for the second phase of the Egyptian People's Assembly elections, which witnessed an average turnout reaching 20%.

The party yet again extends its thanks and sincere gratitude to the Egyptian people for their fortitude and positive outlook, which make us confident that this enlightened public will participate on the second day of the run-off, strongly and effectively, not just to vote for a candidate in preference to another, but to confirm the people’s determination to contribute in making their own future.

The party calls on the High Judicial Elections Commission (HJEC) to implement the ruling in appeal No. 10,167 for the session on 6 December 2011, which was received by the HJEC for implementation on 12/12/11, and which allows party agents to attend the collection, sorting and counting operations, and even the final declaration of the results – to ensure that the electoral process works appropriately, to the satisfaction of all parties. This is meant to avoid any suspicions or questions being raised about the figures announced, as happened in Ismailia governorate and the Osim constituency in the first round, which led to our formal request for re-sorting and re-counting in the first and second constituencies of Giza, the first and second constituencies of Sharqiya, the first constituency in Sohaj, and the first constituency in Beheira, due to errors in counting operations

The FJP calls upon the HJEC to provide the appropriate atmosphere for the sorting of votes, so as to avoid a repeat of the crises that occurred during the first round of elections.