MB: SCAF's Statements Repetition, Serious Investigations Required
MB: SCAF's Statements Repetition, Serious Investigations Required
Monday, December 19,2011 23:43

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), described the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) Press Conference on the Cabinet clashes as “repeated talk, with nothing new to offer”.


Dr. Ghozlan emphasised, in a statement to IkhwanWeb, that: "This is not the first time we hear this talk from SCAF, that it will announce full investigation results to the Egyptian people. In fact, since the events of Ballon Theatre, Maspero, the Israeli Embassy, Mohamed Mahmoud Street and Abbasseya, SCAF has been saying that it will announce full investigation results, then nothing happens, and the unfortunate bloody events are repeated.


The MB media spokesman stressed that the level of violent assault on women witnessed over the past few days was never seen before in Egypt, and called upon SCAF to issue an immediate apology, even before any investigation is started.


Dr. Ghozlan denounced the continued mixing-up between the protesters and thugs in all official stances and conferences, noting that the Advisory Council selected by SCAF condemned the violence, and several members resigned protesting the excessive force used against demonstrators.


Dr. Ghozlan called upon authorities to identify the real criminals who committed the violent attacks in these bloody events taking place in this homeland, as soon as possible, pointing that there are indeed grave violations against peaceful demonstrators.