Dr. Motaz Abdul Fattah Proposes Initiative to End Violence
Dr. Motaz Abdul Fattah Proposes Initiative to End Violence
Sunday, December 18,2011 15:21

Political science professor, and resigned former member of the National Advisory Board Dr. Motaz Abdul Fattah, proposed an initiative to end the unfortunate clashes and violence that started Friday on Qasr al-Aini Street in front of the cabinet building.

On his Facebook page, he called for 100 individuals prepared to lead negotiations in an effort to relieve the current tension in Tahrir Square. “I call on all parties to demonstrate restraint. We do not expect the people to give up their rights, however we do hope that some order is reinstated in order that these rights may be restored”, he posted.

He continued, outlining suggestions offered by youths interested in solving the issue which included:

1: A declaration that by 12:00 pm, all violence and throwing of rocks and Molotov etc cease.

2: Newly elected MPs to head towards Qasr el Aini before noon and monitor that agreements are met.

3: Members of the National Advisory Board also to head towards Tahrir Square to supervise over agreements.

4:  Contacts will be made with SCAF leaders to guarantee an end to further violence.

5: Everyone should work collaboratively to end the unfortunate events.