"Mohamed and Mina", Duette That Became Symbol of Egyptian Revolution
Wednesday, October 12,2011 19:36

'Mohamed and Mina: Why is the Revolution sweet and beautiful when you're with me ..'' is a song that the Egyptian Mina Daniel sang in a timeless night of Egyptian revolution for liberation, from the heart of Tahrir square. He did not know then that it would be one of the favorites forever in the memories and hearts of Egypt and its people, after he was killed in the clashes of that Maspero bloody Sunday.

Accompanied by his friend Mohamed, Mina Daniel’s song rang out in Tahrir square to emphasize the strength and solidity of the bonds of the relationship between the two wings of the nation, and their agreement on the highest and most noble goal of putting the interest of the nation above all else and achieving the objectives of the white Revolution. Mina did not know, then, that a conspiracy would claim his life, laying the blame on his friend and companion “Mohamed”.

Mina passed away, but his words will forever continue to prove that what happened before Maspero was never a sectarian incident or a crime committed for religious reasons, but a conspiracy to undermine the country, and drag it back, and to kill the spirit of its glorious revolution. So, there Mina’s voice and words rang out, and we hope to echo them in song and action: “Mohamed and Mina: Why is the Revolution sweet and beautiful when you’re with me”.

May Allah/Jesus bless the souls of those martyred on Sunday's clashes and all those who were killed, and still dying for the sake of freedom and dignity for their nations across the world.