Democractic Alliance Hopes for Majority to Form Coalition Gov't
Democractic Alliance Hopes for Majority to Form Coalition Gov't
Wednesday, October 19,2011 12:34

 Freedom and Justice Party's (FJP) Vice-Chairman, Dr. Essam el Erian, confirmed that the party is not seeking dominance in parliament.

"The Democratic Alliance (DA) made up of numerous parties in order to fully represent all political trends in Egypt"

Speaking during an open discussion to a delegation of Dubai investors, El-Erian stated "The DA, however, is hoping to achieve a majority in the parliament and form a coalition government capable of accomplishing the demands of reform". 

He added, "With the large number of candidates running for parliamentary seats and the increase in the number of registered voters, it is quite difficult to predict the percentage of seats the FJP may secure".

He acknowledged the significant role played by the revolution, which paved the way for freedom for Egypt after decades of oppression and corruption.

"The recent syndicated elections, including the doctors, teachers, and pharmacists, in addition to elections of unions and university heads, which were held with integrity indicate that Egypt is heading on the right path for  democracy" he stated.