FJP Press Release No. (9) – Sorting Results
FJP Press Release No. (9) – Sorting Results
Friday, December 2,2011 03:17

Cairo: 1/12/2011 – 16:00

The Judiciary Committee supervising elections in the ninth constituency for ‘individual’ candidates in Cairo announced that Omar Ramadan, the Freedom and Justice Party’s candidate for the ‘workers’ seat has won 428,983 votes. In Alexandria, vote-count results are yet to be announced. In Port Said, the manager of the sorting committee decided to postpone the announcement of the ‘individuals’ results until after the arrival of ballots of Egyptian expats. In any event, the results indicate that Dr. Akram Al Sha’er has won, after exceeding 50% +1.

Meanwhile, the results of ‘individual’ seats declared so far are as follows:

1 - Cairo:

Facing run-off elections are: Amr Zaki, Yasser Abdullah (Al-Qubba and Al-Zaytoun – professionals and workers), Mohamed Yousry and Essam Mokhtar (Nasr City - professionals and workers), Amr Khidr and Mustafa Farghali (Qasr Al-Neil) - professionals and workers), Khalid Hassan (Heliopolis - workers), as well as Khalid Mohamed and Nasr Osman (Al-Jamaleya - professionals and workers).

2 - Kafr El-Sheikh

Facing run-off elections are: Taha Mansour (Kafr El-Sheikh - workers), Mohamed Al-Halisi and Mohammed Idris (Desouk - professionals and workers), as well as Mohammad Aamir and Ashraf Al-Saeed (Al-Burolus - professionals and workers).

3 - Damietta:

Facing run-off elections are: Ali Al-Daey and Mohammed Ahmed Abu Mussa (Damietta - professionals and workers), as well as Mohamed Al-Filahji (Kafr Saad - professionals).

4 - Fayoum:

Facing run-off elections are: Osama Yahya and Sayyed Gabr (Fayoum - professionals and farmers), as well as Jamal Mohamed Hassan and Fawzi Ali Abdul Aziz Al-Yamani (Snuras - professionals and workers).

5 - Assiut:

Facing run-off elections are: Samir Khashaba, and Mustafa Ali Hassan (Assiut - professionals and workers), Mohamed Salama Bakr Abdel Wahed and Mohamed Madar Moussa Mohamed Mousa (Dayrout - workers and professionals), Abdul Aziz Khalaf Mohammed Ali and Abdullah Sadiq Nasr (Al-Fateh - professionals and workers), as well as Hassan Ali Abdul-Aal Aamir and Abdul Aziz Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour (Abu Tiej - professionals and workers).

6 - Luxor:

Facing run-off elections is: Dr. Abdul Mawjood Rajeh (professionals).

7 - Red Sea:

Facing run-off elections is: Mohamed Mahmoud Youssef Ahmed (Hurghada - professionals).