MB Lawyers Condemn Decision Postponing Syndicate's Elections
MB Lawyers Condemn Decision Postponing Syndicate's Elections
Sunday, October 16,2011 11:04
By Hussein Mahmoud

 The Lawyers Syndicate's Islamic General Assembly criticized the administrative court's decision to suspend the Syndicate's elections indefinitely asserting that it could lead to its falling under judicial guardianship.

Cutting its electoral campaign in Assuit and Aswan short, the assembly returned to Cairo to discuss measures to revert the decision and the conspiracy against the Lawyers' Syndicate.

In a press release received by Ikhwanweb, Mohamed Touson, General Rapporteur for the Lawyers stated that the general assembly was displeased with the decisions."The pronouncement is clearly unjustified and opens the doors for unnecessary issues. We demand a date be scheduled for the registration of candidates fielding in the syndicate's elections."

Ali Kamal, a leader on the committee, stated, "The decision leaves open the option of the syndicate coming into judicial guardianship and this is unacceptable. We will not allow this to happen and will do all that it takes to protect our syndicate from those countering the revolution's achievements especially as the elections have been postponed more than once indicating uncertain motives," he said.