FJP Organizes Eid Parades in Cairo and Giza
FJP Organizes Eid Parades in Cairo and Giza
Sunday, November 6,2011 20:57

On the feast eve, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), in Cairo and Giza organized a parade to celebrate the Eid which included candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Dr. Hazem Farouk and Gamal Abdul Qawy both on the Democratic Alliance (DA) list participated in the parade which began following the night prayers and continued for two hours. Cards were distributed wishing store owners, passers by and crowds well.

In Giza, similar celebrations also took place as Muslim Brotherhood (MB) youths bid the crowds well for the festive day.
FJP youths in Cairo issued news sheets explaining the agendas and giving details of the party's candidates under the FJP banner "For the good of Egypt; a party formed by the MB for all of Egypt".

The news sheet explained the advantages of voting for the FJP: "The party aims at achieving political and constitutional reform in the country with emphasis on total freedom for the people. It hopes to instill the true ethics and morals of Islam and the divine religions offering a dignified life for all citizens with basic services and rights focusing on the youth problems, specially unemployment".