FJP Blames Excessive Use of Police Force for Escalating Violence
FJP Blames Excessive Use of Police Force for Escalating Violence
Monday, November 21,2011 20:02

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) regreted the disturbing events unfolding in Tahrir Square, Alexandria and Suez and condemned the aggressive force used by the riot police, which is reminiscent of the former regime's methods under the former Interior Minister Habib el Adly. The party asserted that peaceful protesting is a legitimate right protected by the constitution as long as it is does not hinder daily life and destroy public and private property.

FJP emphasizes the following:

1: SCAF is governing the country, and therefore responsible for investigating the crimes committed against protesters, and bringing perpetrators to justice including those police officers and securtiy personnel who abused their power while dispersing protestors using excessive rubber bullets and tear gas resulting in several fatalities and over 1000 injuries.

2: The government must issue an apology to the Egyptian people in general and the protestors in particular following the attacks by the police, and to refer all responsible to court immediately and to respond quickly to the peoples demands without further delay.

3: We call on all political factions and national forces to protect the revolution and its achievements, and to ban any entity from hindering the political process from developing and to work toward the upcoming parliamentary elections which will pave the way towards a civil rule, stability and the handing over of power to a civilly elected authority.

4: We call on all protestors who ignited the January revolution after decades of oppression to demonstrate restraint and tolerance, protect public entities, and to be aware from those who aim at countering the revolution and its achievements.