Free Elections, Not Repression, Most Viable Way to handle Egypt's Crisis, Says FJP
Free Elections, Not Repression, Most Viable Way to handle Egypt's Crisis, Says FJP
Thursday, October 13,2011 15:28

 The FJP has witnessed the unfortunate events that unfolded around ??Maspero, Cairo, with deep sadness. It has now become clear to all that there are certain parties and powers betting on a scenario of total chaos. Every peaceful demonstration has become vulnerable to penetration by those disaffected remnants and supporters of the former regime who want to cause riots, chaos, confusion and clashes with the army and police. The FJP emphasizes that the government did not act decisively with regard to the Edfu, Aswan crisis. The law was not applied, nor were the rules of accelerated justice, before the latest explosion of anger. This confirms that the current government is suffering from lack of political will, which requires speedy transfer of power through free elections. It has also become clear to all that the issue of building houses of worship is a highly sensitive one. It has caused many incidents of sectarian violence. It has also caused much of the religious anger on the streets. Thus, finding a fair solution for this issue, urgently, is of paramount importance. It has become important for any group going out to protest peacefully to be aware that there will come out amongst them some people intent on turning those demonstrations into riots and violence. This is why it is necessary to carefully consider each planned demonstration, with specific times and places, so as not to give the opportunity to those people who want to spread chaos and turmoil.

The FJP emphasizes that Christians, as well as all other segments of society in Egypt, were subjected to many injustices at the hands of the former regime. It is now time to change all this, and solve all the problems suffered by all Egyptians at the hands of the former regime. However, the solution will not come from any specific party that we can just await to solve all these problems. It will come when we shoulder our collective responsibility, and when all parties play their roles in society effectively. We appeal to the administration currently running this country, to take quick and necessary actions, to prevent this violence occurring ever again, because incidents of a sectarian nature, exhaust the whole nation, the one nation.

The party deems it important that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) should realize that these incidents must not lead it to cancel the decision of not referring civilians to military justice, or to turn on its promise to lift the emergency law, because such exceptional measures are not the way to resolve the current situation. Indeed, the solution needs a political will and community consensus, and hope in the future.
The Freedom and Justice Party
October 12, 2011