Morsi: Democratic Alliance Parties Will Compete in Elections Under One Banner
Morsi: Democratic Alliance Parties Will Compete in Elections Under One Banner
Friday, November 18,2011 15:19

 Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), confirmed that the government's decision to extend the period of submitting candidates’ registration papers is wise since most political parties and electoral coalitions have not yet been able to finalize candidate lists ready in most governorates.

“We hope all the decisions of the High Judicial Elections Commission (HJEC) would be based on the reality and the needs of political parties and candidates,” he added.


With regard to the percentage of the FJP’s candidates, Morsi explained that it is yet too early to talk about candidate and party ratios within the Democratic Alliance, including the FJP, whether for the lists or individual seats.

He stressed that most of the parties within the Alliance are in agreement and  harmony, denying any preferential treatment of any cadidates or parties within the Elections Coordination Committee, and that all candidates meet the conditions set by the Alliance.

The FJP Chairman also stated that: "There are no major differences within the Alliance parties. Everyone has agreed on the candidates that will run in the name of the Alliance. Everyone will participate in campaigning and public activities, however, each Alliance party will be entitled to project and advertise itself in the manner it deems appropriate".

Morsi said that the parties of the Democratic Alliance will meet immediately after the nomination period comes to an end, to select one slogan for all, pointing out that the FJP believes the slogan "Islam is the solution" is best for the party, and with it, the higher interests of the nation can be achieved, as it reflects the true spirit of this nation, and it is a perfect title for a detailed program based on the principles of Islamic law as enshrined in the Constitution. “But we will not impose this on anyone,” he added.

Morsi noted that "The Democratic Alliance for Egypt" was set up as a political framework, and seeks to apply the basic principles of the Egyptian state, on which all parties of the Alliance are in full agreeme