Rights Group: Doctors' Syndicate Elections Truly Democractic
Rights Group: Doctors' Syndicate Elections Truly Democractic
Monday, October 17,2011 15:17

Sawasya Center for Human Rights praised the Doctors' Syndicate elections which took place on Friday in a truly democractic atmosphere, very different from the fradulent atmosphere prior to the revolution of January 25. Read More

The report said that for the first time in 19 years, the Doctors' Syndicate has seen free and fair elections, which attracted a record number of doctors to participate. No longer can anyone go arm-twisting doctors of Egypt to forcibly direct them to vote for the candidate of a particular party, or for certain persons who have power, money or influence.

Sawasya said that the turnout was very large in many governorates, such as Cairo, Alexandria, Kafr El-Sheikh, Damietta and Assiut, from the beginning of elections day, as a large number of doctors sought to participate and cast their votes in various polling stations. Meanwhile, in Suez and Fayoum, the turnout was moderate, unlike the rest of the governorates.